No more ‘gallery browsing’ searching for ‘that’ one image!

Let TAF call up the image in an instant, with your own tags.

—   ABOUT US   —

Taf came about with the founders’ own realization of having an app that helps in managing their basic data needs.

To avoid cycling through their phone galleries endlessly, they had been emailing themselves images of their ID cards, Medic reports etc., with the Subject line acting as a ‘tagger’.

While some friends were whatsapp-ing themselves their data.

Hence, a simple app would be great in sorting through their endless phone galleries. We hope taf will become an essential part of your lives, as it has for ours.

Saved an image in your phone gallery for ‘needing it later’?

Then ending up, eventually, searching through the endless images hoping to land on ‘that’ pic ?

ID Cards, Scribbled Notes, Doctors’ notes, Eye prescription, Covid Certificates. Our phones are filled with these images. And more!

—   TAG 'EM!   —

Label or Tag the new pictures from your gallery, or take a new image via the phone camera.

—   YOU DO YOU !   —

Use ANY tags that YOU want !

Any Language. Slangs. Nicknames, Short Forms.
Whatever helps you recall the image easily !


Recall your data instantly. Almost like ‘Googling’ it !

Let TAF call up the image in an instant, with your own tags


Not Just A Photo Tagger

Repeated tags? No problem with last tagged, first shown.

Any language.

Limitless Customization, as per your own preferences!

Slangs, shorthand, nicknames.



Our Client Loves Us

User 1
User 1
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This is a lifesaver ! I often take pics of the class white boards, and ended up hated going through my phone albums endlessly. Now I can quickly jump to the image of the exact notes I had saved weeks ago !
User 2
User 2
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Why wasn't this around from day 1?!! i feel like i had been living in the stone ages ! its so simple and effective !
User 3
User 3
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The beauty of the app is the free use of language. I love that it lets me choose whatever words help me best re-call the info later;. Where was this my whole Life? !


What’s the wait? Download taf now and get your stuff sorted !



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